7 signs you need a time tracking software

Why should you opt for digital time and attendance software? It's not just that the law on working time recording requires you to introduce an electronic system for recording working time. Digital time recording also offers you many other advantages. Are you still doubting whether a new time recording system is worthwhile for your company? Then, it's time for our quick check.

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Tracking time online

You should consider various aspects to decide whether online time tracking is the right choice for your company.

Here is a quick test to help you assess the need for a digital time and attendance tool. If you agree with one or more of the following points, then it can be very beneficial to switch to an online time tracking tool:

1. You still use a spreadsheet to record working time

Of course, at first glance, both are inexpensive methods of recording working time. But have a closer look, and you will realise that timesheets via Excel spreadsheet are cumbersome, inaccurate, and prone to errors. For more details, please check out our blog article “Bye-Bye Excel: discover the advantages of a time tracking software”. If you track your time via apps, you don’t have to guess your working hours at the end of each day.

2. You have no overview of working hours in the company

Do you require an overview of your employees' overtime, sick leave, or holidays? Do you have to ask the HR department for this information painstakingly?

With digital time recording, you can effortlessly access your employees' times from anywhere. This system offers a plethora of evaluation options at the touch of a button, allowing you to stay updated on various aspects such as working hours, overtime, sick days, or company holidays at any time. The best part? Your employees can independently check their working hours and remaining holiday days, eliminating the need for constant information requests.

3. Managing different working time models takes up too much time

Flexibility is a significant advantage of digital time recording. Whether flexitime, working from home, part-time work, or changes to the working time model during the year, all-time models can be mapped and easily changed at any time with time tracking software. TimeTac checks compliance with the specifications for you and reminds you or the employees concerned in the event of a breach.

4. Compliance with statutory working time requirements is difficult to verify

Employers are legally obliged to comply with working time requirements. It includes compliance with break and rest times and maximum working hours.

Digital time tracking makes it easier for you to record these times and ensure compliance, as you and the employees concerned are made aware of any breaches. Protect your employees and your entire company!

5. Monthly payroll accounting gives you a headache

Reminding employees of their timesheet reports every month and checking for possible inconsistencies is not only time-consuming but can easily lead to discrepancies which delays punctual payroll accounting.

With a digital time tracking software this won’t happen to you. Here, the working times are calculated automatically based on the recorded times and your default settings and forwarded quickly to payroll accounting via integrations or export.

6. Your HR department is drowning in administrative work

Do your HR employees have to devote much of their working time towards administration instead of taking care of more important challenges such as recruitment or personnel development? That doesn't have to be the case. With digital time recording, you can automate operational workflows relating to working and absence time. Not only will your employees work more accurately and error-free, but thanks to workflows and automation, they will save a lot of time that they can use for other activities.

7. You don't have a clear overview of overtime in your company

Unfortunately, there are times when overtime cannot be avoided. According to the Labour Act, this must be recorded and retained, with a few exceptions. It is also critical to adhere to the maximum permitted working hours and rest breaks. With a software solution, these hours can be recorded automatically. The system also alerts you to compliance with the maximum working hours and breaks. It gives you the advantage that the legally required recording and storage is reliable and legally compliant, making your payroll accounting easier.

Digital time recording ensures transparent, simple, and legally compliant handling of all processes and requirements associated with working time, making it an indispensable tool in the modern working world.

7 signs are more than enough!

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